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One of the biggest challenges faced by students is the uncertainty of career. This problem is dominated by other problems like peer pressure, lack of the right guidance and most importantly, the lack of realization of personal strengths. Jumping into the wrong careers, choosing the wrong jobs, starting fresh in a new career, discovering passion much later, not being able to get out of a routine - are just a few examples of the possible negative outcomes. We, at Zodioeuf Connect intend to break this cycle and revolutionize the whole process. 

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Learn and earn with us explore the different topics and take classes, complete the tasks, earn badges and more badges you earn more job/internship you will get. you can work according to your time and priority. Analyze and talk to our subject matter experts/mentor.

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For all age groups because learning never stops and for the Gen-Z because knowledge is underrated.

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Our name for our space of industry-wise, specially designed Interactivity Based Learning.

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 Find your mentor. Advice of friends and family isn't always apt. Find the right mentor for your career.


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